Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Torture by miniskirt

The tiny skirt that tortures me.
© kittelberg writes

I have a suede miniskirt in the depths of my closet that I haven't worn in about 13 years.

Every six months, I purge most unworn items from my closet. But there are a few I hang onto.

One is a long, beaded, velvet dress that belonged to my late mother-in-law. I have worn it once, to see The Nutcracker. Friends bought it for her during their travels overseas, perhaps in the Middle East, if memory serves me correctly. I will never part with it because of who it once belonged to. Besides, it fits me.

I also have a baby blue vintage nightgown set that I bought with the intention of wearing it for Halloween as the Bette Davis character in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Alas, plans changed and I never did wear the costume. But I swear I will one year!

The skirt that taunts me

The suede miniskirt is the only self-torture item I keep.

It's safe to say it will never fit me again. I bought it around the time George and I got married, thin from working out six days a week and strictly limiting my food intake. And I can honestly say I don't want to be that thin again, because it's a weight that my body clearly doesn't want to be at.

Several years ago, I decided I was okay with giving it to a friend, but it didn't fit any of them, a testament to how our bodies have changed since morphing into our 30s. Back into the closet it went.

Even if it did fit me now, it's hardly age appropriate. I'm not sure that with the right body I would feel comfortable in it.

Why I keep the skirt

Now weeks from the big 4-0, the skirt is still in my closet. It's the only piece of clothing I have that I keep for purely illogical reasons. It never belonged to a loved one. And there is no possible chance I will ever wear it again.

But I keep the skirt because:

  • I bought it the year I got married.
  • It reminds me of shopping in Kensington Market in T.O.
  • It makes me smile to think of the fun I had the handful of times I wore it.
  • Though it will never fit me again, it does give me some satisfaction to know it once did.

In other words, I keep it for purely sentimental reasons. But I know I'm not alone. My friend Sharon told me today that she has a pair of jeans she wore in her 20s.

What sentimental pieces of clothing do you have in your closet?


  1. I remember that skirt!
    I also have a suitcase of teeny tiny garments from the 90's that I'm holding onto... they'll never fit me again but they remind me of so many good times - lots of them with you! (Remember those suede shorts from Montreal?)

    1. How could I forget the suede shorts? We could create a time capsule of slutty 90s club wear.

  2. I have a pink and white gingham dress from when I was in kindergarten. I loved that dress so much I would have worn it every single day if my mother had let me. It has a matching head scarf, too - very 1970! I've never been able to let it go and have moved it around with me for the last 26 years. I always thought I'd have a daughter who might want to wear it, but I guess now I'll hold on for a granddaughter!

    1. That's very sweet - I think you need to facebook a photo of it.