Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Feds inconsistent with EI benefits

Canadian parents can now get up to 35 weeks of Employment Insurance (EI) benefits if they have a critically ill child. I've read about parents going broke after having to quit their jobs to care for a sick child, particularly when the family has to travel to another city for treatment.

This is a good thing. And it certainly provided a nice photo opp for the federal government. But where are the benefits for critically ill adults?

How the system fails sick adults

If your employer doesn't offer extended benefits, or if you don't qualify for them because you are working on contract, you could be entitled to a whopping 15 weeks of EI. That is, provided you pay into the system via your employer.

If 15 weeks isn't enough, and your illness or treatments are debilitating enough that you cannot work, you may qualify for Disability Benefits through Canada Pension Plan (CPP). Applications for CPP Disability take about three months to review.

So adults get much more time off for a sick child than they will if they happen to be the one who is ill.

My situation

In my case, I get paid a percentage in lieu of benefits. I pay out of pocket for a very basic benefits plan that does not include sickness benefits. Silly me didn't anticipate getting cancer at age 39.

I applied for Disability and was denied because I can work, now anyway. Fingers crossed I don't start having debilitating side effects later in treatment, or that if I do, it happens within the three-month time slot I have to appeal the decision.

So far, I've been lucky: I feel okay to work, and I have a job I really enjoy where my colleagues are incredibly supportive.

But imagine if I didn't feel well enough to work, but felt too well to qualify for Disability. And if I had a stressful job that taxed my energy reserves. Not exactly a prime situation for healing, is it?

Add that to the fact that I apparently make too much money to qualify for any other type of assistance and I'm the stereotypical member of the middle class who is screwed no matter what.

There are a lot of things I'm grateful for, the quality of cancer care in BC in particular.

But the financial support system for people with cancer has holes in it. It's time for the federal government to take a consistent approach to who they award EI benefits to, and fix it.

Put the pressure on

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  1. Yep.. it is not a good system.
    IMHO your employer should cover 100 % of your paycheck for those 15 weeks and then the gov can kick in with at least a year of UI..
    we PAY enough taxes and benefits. alas I wake from my dream.
    Being a single parent.. and confronted with Kancer in my family.. I made the decision to buy sick insurance.. when you are healthy it's not expensive.. I pay 120 /month.. and it guarantees all the money I will need to fight my way healthy.. not just from the monster Kancer but heart attacks, strokes, broken limbs, accidents etc.. honestly .. best money ever spent. ps.. don't buy from the banks.. independent brokers are best, specially one you know, my friend Peter is mine.

  2. Is the $120 in addition to whatever you pay for extended health (prescriptions, dental, etc.)? Yeah, hindsight, I really wish I'd spent the extra $ when I bought our insurance. Now I have one hell of a pre-existing condition. Crap.